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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Blue Man Group/HogHaus

Chachie is managing the logistics of shipping all the stage gear around the country for the Blue Man Group's national tour that is kicking off from right here in little old Fayetteville.  And since we are friends with Chachie, we got tickets to the ULTRA EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE dress rehearsal show last night.

We decided to be stereotypical and have dinner/drinks on Dickson before the show.  And since we hadn't been to HogHaus in a while, we figured some blueberry beers and fries would be the perfect pre-Blue Man activity.  Get it?  Blueberry beer-Blue Man?  Hello?  Is this microphone on?  Check, One Two...

The happy hour price system is VERY complicated at HogHaus.  We kept having to ask our waiter what stuff cost, and the times that it went on special, etc.  Seriously, they should print a chart that shows what goes on special at what time cause it was hard to keep track of.  Anyway, all I know is that a regular order of fries was $3.25 at 4:59pm on a Wednesday. 

They had obviously been sitting under a lamp cause we got them in like 30 seconds.  They were luke warm, but still pretty good.  I didn't ask, but I suspect that the fries are battered in one of their beers which makes them much better than your average fries.  They were crunchy and tasty, but the amount to price ratio was bad (and again, they were not fresh).  Despite the lack of freshness, the combo of these fries with an icy-cold blueberry beer is hard to beat, so I am gonna give HogHaus a pass on rating and visit them again to see if the fries are hot or luke warm cause I think they might be able to take the crown.

On the other hand, the cheese fries are a disgrace.  Look at this:

Totally stupid.  During happy hour, LESS FRIES with HARDLY ANY CHEESE on them is the same price as regular fries that are not on special.  Do not order the cheese fries.  2 out of 10.  Incidentally, Cousin Lisa got some fried pickles (that I forgot to take a picture of) that were awesome.  Cousin Lisa knows the best stuff to get everywhere...

KYLE:  Hey Lauren, do you want some cheese fries?

LAUREN:  No way.
KYLE:  Oh, I'm sorry, are you watching what you eat?
LAUREN:  No, I can eat anything I want at any time and still stay completely thin cause I'm a teenager and as a matter of fact I ate three fish sandwiches and a whole pizza before I came here.  Later I'm gonna eat 18 scallops and fried rice from Wasabi right before I go to bed and in the morning I will have lost 4 pounds.  I just don't want those cheese fries cause they suck.

KYLE:  Stupid youngness.

Fifteen minutes until showtime!  Off to the WAC.

Before the Blue Man Group show starts, there is a light board with funny messages that gets the audience warmed up.  One of the messages was about Chachie!  It was cool.  The whole audience was instructed to salute Chachie.  Do I know some honchos or what! 

If you have never seen the Blue Man Group, I suggest you do.  It is totally worth it.  It's smart and funny social commentary wrapped up in a Chaplin/Keaten-esque performance that breaks the performer/audience wall down and makes you part of the show. 

They also do some pretty amazing physical/juggler-type gags.  This is one of my favorites.  One of the blue men throws marshmallows into the mouths of the other two blue men-mostly from like 30 feet away!

This is one if the social commentary bits:

By the end of the performance, the whole thing is a free-for-all party with giant lighted beach balls, streamers, toilet paper cannons, and more.  Big fun.

Blue Man Group: Do It.
HogHaus: Wait until I have a chance to do a re-review.

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