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Monday, January 13, 2014

Table Mesa

Friday night the Grunion was staying with his auntie and uncle for a sleepover.  And since we had no kid, we just automatically floated down to Dickson street to see what was up.  We thought we had super-sweet luck cause we got a great parking spot and all the bars and restaurants were empty.  But then we realized it was a cold, rainy night and it was only 5:30pm.  Anyhoo, as we were standing in the parking lot, the uber-bright sign from Table Mesa beckoned us hither.  Do they have fries?

Table Mesa is in this huge condo building and describes itself as "a boutique-style bistro offering a delightful dining experience."  I ain't no fancy-pants, but I thought a boutique-style bistro would be a little more intimate and less cavernous with 50-bazillion foot ceilings.  Weird.

Since the menu is mostly Latin-inspired dishes, I thought it was funny that they had a Reuben sandwich.  Actually, a lot of places do this.  Why?  Also, they spelled it wrong.

Do they have fries?  Yes!  They aren't on the menu (at least not on the dinner menu anyway), but our server brought this:

Score!  A hefty portion of skinny-cut lightly battered fries.  Hot and fresh.

They're like a fancier version of McD's fries.

Very good.  But since they weren't on the menu I didn't know the price until...

Score (again)!  TWO BUCKS for this amount of really good fries at a semi-schmancy joint like this is a 10 out of 10.  DO IT!

Also, they have this HUMONGOUS mirror you can look at.


  1. you realise just how cheap it is to eat out in the USA compared to Australia?!

  2. Are they child friendly, do you know?
    That is some cheap food.


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