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Friday, February 28, 2014

Juicy Tails

Right off the bat, let's just address the elephant.  When I saw the sign for this place from far away I thought it might be a strip club.  I know they did it on purpose, but it's still weird.  Especially since this place is in a mini-mall that has kind of well-to-do stuff in it.  Also, their logo looks like a strawberry to me.

Anyhoo, they have fries.  And I heard from my buddy Mark that they were pretty good so off I went.  The inside is pretty bland.  I guess if you want to look like a Cajun restaurant you have to put metal on the walls.

They have 3 kinds of fries: Regular, Cajun, and Sweet Potato?  When will the sweet potato nightmare end?  I asked the waitress what the difference was between the regular and Cajun fries was and she gave me a confusing answer.  She said they are all Cajun fries, but the Cajun fries have some spice on them.  I ordered both kinds anyway.

It took a long time.  Here are the regular fries.  Lightly batter-dipped.  Warm, not hot.  Decent.  They remind me a lot of the fries at Popeye's.

Here are the Cajun fries.  Basically they are the batter-dipped ones with some parsley and maybe some seasoning on them.  I couldn't tell for sure cause if there was a seasoning on them they went really light with it.  The Cajun ones were cold.

Honestly, at $3.95 these are some of the most expensive fries in NWA.  The amount is good for the price, but I think I would have felt better if they gave me 1/2 as much for a buck less.  The fries are above average, but not good enough for the price. 

8 out of 10.

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