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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Grunion and Z vs. the Model Train Swap Meet

Last week the Grunion and Z went to (what was billed as) a model train festival.  What it really was (a bunch of grumpy model train collectors trading/selling stuff) did not exactly meet their expectations.   After being scolded by a few of the "enthusiasts" for touching stuff, the Grunion and Z finally found the one guy in the whole convention center who seemed to actually like kids.

GRUNION:  So, whatcha got here gramps? 
TRAIN DUDE:  It's the smallest scale model train in the world!

GRUNION:  Yo, Z!  Check this out! 
Z:  Whoa!  I've eaten hard candies bigger than that.

GRUNION:  Hey train dude!  Are we allowed to touch this train?  Cause those guys over there got pretty grumpy when I touched their stuff.
TRAIN DUDE:  Why don't you touch the trains behind me on our train tower instead?

Z:  Train tower, dude!
GRUNION:  Sweeeeeet!

GRUNION:  This is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen.

Victory: The one nice dude at the model train grump-fest.

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