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Friday, March 21, 2014

Scholz Beer Garten - Austin TX

Scholz Beer Garten (yes it's spelled that way) is a bar, live music club, restaurant, beer garden, bowling alley, and event center.  It's also one of the oldest joints in Texas, in operation since 1866.  While we were in Austin, my buddy Jack and I had to schlep it 2.6 miles every day from where we were staying to the convention center cause the cabs wouldn't come pick us up.  SBG was almost exactly at the halfway point between downtown and where we were staying, so we stopped in for a rest.

Let me start off by saying that this place is amazing.  You really should go to the website and read all the stuff about it.  It's like Chuck E Cheese for adults.  The front bar is cozy.

With tables made out of old bowling alley floor.

And a really great selection of awesome German beers.

 There's a great beer garden (duh).

And THIS GUY will bring you beers and food until you say "uncle".  His name is Jamey and he is just about the most perfect beer/food host I have ever had.  Go figure that he has family in AR and when we walked in he immediately commented on my Ozark Beer Company shirt and we became like peas and carrots in 2 minutes.  Shoot.  He was even in a band with one of my buddies in Florida for many years.  Small country.

Anyhoo, Jamey was like: "Try this bratwurst!"

And then he was like: "Try this BBQ sausage!"

And then he was like: "Palate cleanser pretzel with German mustard, queso, and horseradish sauce!"

We were pretty full, but Jamey insisted we try Scholtz' trademark "Texas" schnitzel.  It's a classic schnitzel WITH QUESO and PICO on it!  Sooooo good.

After all this, I was like: "Hey..*burp...I need some fries to do a review."  Here is the basket of fries.

To be honest, I was physically/mentally incapable of conducting a proper review at this point, but I know even if I was I would still give them a 10 out of 10.  Scholz Beer Garten is so unbelievably over the top awesome in every way, that Jamey could have brought me a basket of phlegm-injected grubworms cooked in poopy toilet water and I would have been happy.

If you are ever in Austin, go to Scholz.   And do it Sun-Wed cause that's when Jamey works.  And tell him I sent ya.

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