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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spring Street Grill

This is one of those old joints that all the old timers have been going to for lunch their whole lives.  It's on a side street off the "main drag" in Springdale (which isn't much of a main drag these days).

Anyhoo, it's been the Spring Street Grill since 1987, and my research (asking the waitress) indicates that this building was a hotel and "maybe a whorehouse" prior to that.  I guess the dining area kinda looks like a hotel lobby/saloon.

A full order of "additions" is $3.00.

Whoa!  The Chicken Fried Steakwich is EXQUISITELY TENDER! I didn't try it but I wondered about for the rest of the day.

The full order of fries is substantial.

Fresh cut, hot, and pretty well cooked through.

But I noticed that there were "seasoned fries" on the specials board.  I decided that I needed to investigate for science.  The seasoned fries (also $3.00):

Potato wedges, arkies, whatever you call em-they were really good!  Lots of seasoning and fluffy/steamy on the inside.

Spring Street Grill is the real deal.  The fresh cut suckers are a solid 9, and the seasoned ones are a 10.  Do it.

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