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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Arsaga's Depot

I don't hang around coffee shops too much (at all, really). Mostly because I can drink a maximum of two regular-strength coffees or else I become impossibly ratcheted like I'm on PCP or something.  So the super-strength (and super-priced) coffees of the coffee shop world are really not for me.  Plus, coffee shops can be a haven for the assy.  

So when I heard that Arsaga's Depot had food I was conflicted. Until I saw the menu.  They have four kinds of fries, and they are located pretty prominently on the menu.  That was too much to ignore.  I piled Amy and the Grunion up and we headed to Dickson Street in the rain.

Okay, so it's called the Depot cause it's in the old Fayetteville train depot-get it?

Typical coffee shop atmosphere complete with young, assy hipsters who LOVED the flash on my cell phone camera.  I'm noticing lately that when young people turn to give me the disgusted stare/eye roll they kind of faintly smile with a kind of pity.  Maybe I'm crossing into the "aww...that poor old guy doesn't know any better" realm.  Whatever.

There's a cool covered deck out back that looks over the walking trail so you can watch people exercise while you eat.  I love that!  Amy said that sitting on the deck back there felt like we were in a big city.

Let's see.  The fries all look interesting, and the prices are not crazy.  I don't like poutine or honey, so we ordered the herb and beer cheese ones.  Fingers crossed.


MASSIVE portions of fries!  For the prices this is totally cool.

The beer cheese ones are AWESOME.  The cheese sauce was drippy and creamy.

And the herb ones are great too.  The three dipping sauces are all really different and kinda make it seem like you have 4 different kinds of fries.

The Grunion approved (fuzzy cause the kid never sits still longer than 3 microseconds).

Amy approved.

And a train came by while we were there so the Grunion lost his mind.

Who woulda thunk it?  The new leader for fries in Fayetteville is definitely these guys.  Do not wait.   Go there immediately.  We're going back today to try the poutine and honey ones.  

10 out of 10.

Editor's note:  In the interest of full disclosure, the management of this publication feels responsible to point out that Gibby, fearing that the fry offerings of Arsaga's Depot would not be to his liking, ate dinner at a restaurant next to Arsaga's (Deluxe Burger) PRIOR to reviewing the fries at Arsaga's Depot with the rationale that he would "just try a few of the fries to get a general idea of what they were like".  This is what was left of the two MASSIVE orders of fries:

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