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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lucky Luke's BBQ

Since I'm currently trying to lose some weight, this past weekend I TOTALLY PIGGED OUT.  My future health loss is your gain, though, cause I found a new fry star.  Lucky Luke's is in the strip mall a couple blocks North of the U of A campus.  Usually BBQ joints don't have fries so I was kinda surprised when my friend Lauren (who works there) told me otherwise.

WHA?  Skateboarding is not a crime, man!  Rollerblading might be, though.

The inside of Lucky Luke's does not look like I expected.  It's kinda "broody".

Nice "Awwww Yeah" on the window.  My flash scared the crap outta that kid, BTW. 

Order of fries for $1.49?  Sold!

BBQ Cheese Fries for $6.99?  Let's go!

While we waited, we ate deep fried jalapeno slices.  They were sooooo good.

The Grunion looked at the menu and decided that he would eat skittles from the gumball vending machines in front of the Dollar General store next door.

And yes, that is a pink toy animal carrier that he hauls his "practice hamster" around in.  And before you jump to conclusions about the boy, he told us he picked pink "cause the girls at school would like it."  So there.


There are actually fries buried under all that shredded pork, fried jalapenos, and cheese.  These things are a stomach destroyer.

They're so good they made me hate myself.  10 out of 10.

Oh yeah, I also got myself some sausage for dessert as a side for my side of fries.  But only cause I wanted you, my dear readers, to see the fries in their natural state.

Go to Lucky Luke's and try the BBQ Cheese Fries.  And ask for Lauren.  That's her on the left.

P.S.  I spent the rest of the night in the fetal position cause my stomach was so full.  You all have no idea the sacrifices I endure for your education.

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