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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Parkside Public

It seemed like last Saturday would be normal enough.  I mean, Saturdays are usually a little more exciting sure, but nothing could have prepared me for the ordeal that I experienced.  This was the scene:  Parkside Public in Rogers.

The folks behind Parkside are the same ones that run a bunch of downtown Rogers joints (Club Frisco, Iron Horse Coffee Company, The Rail Pizza Company).  Maybe they had a bunch of free time or something.  The inside is cool.

Good beer selection.

Also, 80s-90s graffiti tag.  Is nothing safe from these hooligans?

The fry offerings are featured prominently on the menu.  Good sign.
GIBBY: "Let's do the Debris and the Garlic Parmesan, AND an order of regular fries."
AMY: "But you just ate like 3 hours ago."
GIBBY:  "Oh, and also let's split one of the burgers cause we should, you know, try em at least since this is a burger joint and all."
AMY:  "Absolutely not.  Every time we go out.......oh, alright."


Let's start with the regular ones. Good amount for $2.00.

Hot, crispy, a little bit of skin on em.

Excellent.  10 out of 10.

The Debris fries have this gravy on em that will instantly transport you back to your youth.  Savory, hot goodness with just the right consistency reminded me of meals served at home after a long day of playing in the snow.

Gooey Monterrey jack cheese.  10 out of 10.

The Garlic Parmesan fries are solid.  After the Debris fries they may seem underwhelming, but they are a 10 nonetheless.

Cheesy/Nom Nom.

We chose to try the signature Parkside Public burger.

I have no idea what peppadew jalapeno relish is, but it was awesome.

When we get multiple orders of fries to sample for review, I hardly ever finish them all because I don't want my stomach to explode.  At Parkside, I ate every. damn. fry.  They are that good.  This place is gonna be insane packed/busy.  Go there now.  Do not wait.

I would give Parkside and 11 out of 10 if that was possible.  Oh wait, I can do anything I want.  11 out of 10.

Extra Mixel Story for 5-year Olds as Told by the Grunion
GRUNION:  "And now the story of when Flamzer got attacked for no reason whatsoever while he was minding his own business HUGE BREATH and definitely not doing anything that he shouldn't be doing on a nice day I think it was a Wednesday in March or April of 2010."

GRUNION:  nixel voice:  "Aaaaargh!  I'm gonna NIXEL you!"

GRUNION:  Flamzer voice:  "Oh no!"

GRUNION:  nixel voice:  "Give me all your Cubits!"

GRUNION:  Flamzer voice:  "No!  I will fire-tail you!"
sfx:  whooosh!

GRUNION:  nixel voice:  "Aaahhh!  You nixeled me!"

Victory: Flamzer

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