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Friday, April 15, 2016

Red Robin VOODOO Fries

I've discussed Red Robin in the past.  Their fries are decent when combined with the fatty-fatty campfire sauce and are still "bottomless".  But there's something new brewing around the chain restaurant landscape-specialty fries.  Red Robin's stab at them is Voodoo Fries.

Whoa!  They've replaced the servers with table computers already?  This isn't even a higher minimum wage state!

Let's see....ah yes...bring me the ghost peppery goodness.

Red Robin still actually has servers.  They bring you drinks and food after you order it on the table computer.  Good thing too, cause you can't eat Red Robin fries without the added fatness of the super yummy campfire sauce (which is probably mayonnaise mixed with cayenne pepper, liquid smoke, bacon fat, and giggly snowflake kisses).  I realized on this trip that I've never bothered to try any of the other sauces.

This was delivered.  I love that it comes with A GIANT TUB OF RANCH DRESSING.  MERICA!

There'a a lot going on here.  Bacon, green stuff, batter-fried jalapeno slices, cheese "sauce".

They're quite good.  And plenty (even at 7 bucks).

Of course I ordered the bottomless fries and a giant cauldron of fatty campfire sauce to go with the voodoo fries.  Just as a quality check of course.

My (recently healthy-eating) buddy Jack was disgusted.  He ordered something called "hummus". Looked like cat puke to me.

Voodoo Fries at Red Robin are a definite do.

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