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Friday, June 3, 2016

Pizza Hut has French Fries?

A couple of nights ago the Grunion was driving us crazy for pizza and we were WAY TOO TIRED for that noise so we decided to get some delivered.  This is the first time in like 10 years we have ordered food to be delivered to the house (I have a paranoia/phobia-don't ask).

Anyhoo, Ace was looking through the options and it turns out that Pizza Hut was the closest/cheapest and ALSO THEY HAVE FRENCH FRIES!  Why didn't anyone tell me before now?  You all are slacking, seriously.  I ordered the "Cajun Style Seasoned Fries" just to be mysterious.

30 minutes or so later a kid's basketball sized weird plastic take out container was delivered. Never seen anything like it.  I guess it's what they put the wings in when people order them. Oh, and by the way Pizza Hut now has wings too, apparently-cause you know, pizza.

I was expecting these things to thoroughly suck.  In fact, before I even tried one I was thinking of all the words I was going to use to describe the suckage.  But....but....they are pretty good.

They were mostly crisp, and the seasoning (although it appears that there was way too much) was actually perfect.

I gotta say that Pizza Hut fries are a total yes.  Calculating an actual price is kinda hard on accounta there's a delivery fee and you gotta tip the driver but let's just say that even for a total of $5-$6 getting this amount of pretty good fries delivered to your lazy butt is a definite DO.

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