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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Parlor Pizza Bar in Chicago

Chicago has lots of joints with fries.  Probably on accounta it's such a big city and all.  And I've tried lots of em.  But this last trip, I found a real gem in the heart of the super-schmancy Wicker Park area.

Parlor Pizza is primarily a wood fire pizza place, but they also have fries which is kinda rare for a pizza joint.  I'm always suspicious when places have fries that shouldn't.  On this particular day, it was 89 degrees with 40% humidity so all the Chicagoans were melted and refused to sit in the massive outdoor area.  Wimps.  I refused as well, but only cause I am a huge bear and my thermostat was broken.

Their beer list is awesome.

Hand Cut Frites?  Fancy! 8 bucks?  Better be super-fancy...

Whoa!  This just got serious.

The fries came with ice-cold ketchup, jalapeno cream cheese sauce, and sriracha honey mustard-which I though would be gross but was really good.

I figured out after a few fries that what you should do is dip the fry in the sriracha sauce first and take a bite, and then while your mouth is burning dip the fry in the cream cheese dip and take a bite to cool off your mouth (for some reason the jalapeno was only present as a taste and not heat).  I repeated this step 42 times and found it to be solid science.  They also come with green stuff on them so they're basically a salad!

Fresh, crispy, hot, delicious.

The pictures may not do the amount of fries justice, but believe me it was plenty for the price (especially for this area of Chicago).  This is what was left that I couldn't finish.

Parlor Pizza Bar.  DO IT.

Also they have this cool cartoon bear mural on the side of the building.

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