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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fossil Cove/The Container Kitchen

Fossil Cove is a brewery in Fayetteville that has kick ass beers.  You should go there.  But you should especially go there on accounta they also have fries available from the non-food truck/trailer thing behind the brewery made out of a shipping container that serves food.

It's called The Container Kitchen BTW.

I ordered both the "regular" fries and the Rosemary and something fries.  I can't remember what the other something is on accounta there were beers-maybe it was Parmesan?

Then they delivered em to me right at the bar.  BAM!


The fries are fresh cut, and seasoned just right.

The Rosemary ones are excellent and the dipping sauce is like crack.

And there were so many I shared em with pretty much everyone at the bar.

Fossil Cove and The Container Kitchen are a definite DO IT.

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