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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kobe Hibachi Grill and Sushi

When my Grandmother Kay was alive, she used to do this thing that drove my parents crazy whenever we would go out to eat at a restaurant.  Whatever the kind of food the restaurant was, she would always order something that was completely outside of their specialty.  If we were at a Chinese place, she would order a Reuben.  If we were at a Mexican joint, she would order BBQ ribs.  And whatever it was would always suck and she would complain and refuse to eat it.  Every.  Time.

Here's me and the old lady in 1986.

I loved it.  I like to think she did it on purpose as a little thrill (since old people only eat fried chicken and candy anyway) and I don't think we paid for my Grandmother's meal a single time at a restaurant for a solid year.  It was madness that these places even had stuff on the menu that didn't fit the style of the restaurant so it's kind of their fault.   And I always wondered if she would complain about something even if she thought it was actually good just to keep the thrill going.  Who knows?  But every time I look at a menu I try to find the "Kay Item".  The thing on the menu that shouldn't be there.  In a way, it makes Kay immortal.

So where I am going with this is that I was at this Hibachi/Sushi place last week and they had fries. Why?

It used to be a joint called "Twin Peaks"- which is one of those chains where the girls show tons of cleavage and giggle incessantly.  The motif of Twin Peaks is Alaska/Log Cabin and it's interesting that all Kobe did was slap some Japanese signs up around the place.


Japanese Log Cabin Fries for $2.95?  Sounds like the Kay item!  Let's rock!

The fries were hot and crispy.  Not fresh cut, but one of the more expensive frozen varieties as evidenced by the slight battering.  Tempura?

Good amount for $2.95.

Quite good actually.

I have to say that these fries are definitely worth it.  Not sure if they are a true "Kay Item" though as we will never know if Kay did her thing on good stuff or not.  Either way, Kay lives on every time I look at a menu.

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