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Monday, November 14, 2016

Prairie Artisan Ales Brewpub Tulsa

Prairie Artisan Ales makes some damn fine brews.  Their Prairie Bomb! is one of the best and even though you have to take out a second mortgage to buy one it's worth it once in a while.  We were in Tulsa recently and noticed that Prairie built a huge new brewpub downtown AND they have fries.

Our Uber driver later told us that the big barrel with all the taps on it was imported from somewhere in Europe.  #InsiderInfo

Here's a closer shot of the barrel thing.  Impressive.

They call their fries "Crack Fries".  I guess that means they're like crack and you keep wanting more and more.  Is crack still even a thing?  Anyway, 3 bucks for some fries in a fancy-schmancy brewpub is a pretty good price.  I took this artsy photo of the window next to our table while we waited.  I am a professional photographer after all.


House cut fries with (what I believe was) truffle oil and parmesan tossed about.

Great amount, good price, and strong overall.  DO IT.

Afterwards we went to Fassler Hall and I took this great picture of Amy outside in the beer garden (because I am a professional photographer).

A REALLY drunk girl saw me taking Amy's picture and INSISTED that she take one of both of us.  I have no idea how she got that stamp looking thing on the picture.  She is NOT a professional photographer!

After that we saw Billy Joel play.

And then we saw Andrew Jackson Jihad play.

We were so rad.

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