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Friday, March 3, 2017

Half Wall Port Orange

Sports bars are hit or miss with food which is kinda surprising if you think about it.  People who watch sports in bars generally fall into the "I like to eat unhealthy garbage" category and that style of food is easy to make (fry).  Half Wall (weird name) seems to have it together though.

The joint is one giant open room.  Probably designed that way so you can see all 87 of the TVs showing every sport known to humanity.  Pretty sure there were 3 CRICKET games being shown while I was there.  Wonder why it was so empty.  Maybe cause it was 2pm on a Tuesday....

The lights behind the taps fade between different colors.  I thought it was cool for a while, then it kinda made me a little seasick.

Spicy Fries?  Bring em on!

While we waited, we ordered this tiny pretzel.  I think it was off the kid's menu.  It was okay.

The spicy fries arrived.  Nice.

Cooked very well.  Not fresh cut but it didn't matter on accounta the sauce was so good.  Fair amount for $5.50 as well.


This place is legit.  We watched a foosball game on 6 of the TVs and I ordered two more rounds of these.  Half Wall = stupid name but DO IT!

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