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Monday, December 3, 2012

Sam's Club #8209

Went to Sam's for some bulk stuff today.

While I was in there I noticed (for the first time) that they have waffle fries at their little snack bar thingy.  Sorry about the wonky picture, but you know how happy Sam's Club folks are about taking pictures in their stores.

$1.29 for this paper boat of waffle fries.  They had a nice seasoning on them which had a lot more of a spicy kick than I figured they would.  They probably get a lot of complaints from old people about how they are "too hot".

They were not oily at all, which leads me to believe they use one of those weird hot air ovens to blanche/bake them.

They didn't really taste like their original form had anything to do with potatoes.  In fact, they tasted weird-like what I image waffle fries might taste like if NASA put them in astronaut meals.

You can't beat the price/amount ratio, but they are too weird to classify.
* out of 10. 

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