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Friday, November 30, 2012

El Penjamo in Booneville

Fry Spy JoDonn found something special in the river valley.

"Special Fries" at a Mexican joint? We weren't sure what to expect either but we're glad we tried them. There's a little Mexican joint named El Penjamo in a little town named Booneville in AR.

There's not much in Booneville but Laura and I were hungry so we stopped. To start, these are not referred to as sides instead they are listed as appetizers. Good start! Second, they come with white queso and your choice of bacon or fajita steak. We got both! 

Even though they were straight out of the freezer, the addition of cheese, steak, and bacon made them awesome! Laura and I laid waste to em and were too full to eat our meals. 

A great bargain!  Laura loved them, I loved them. We give them a 9. 
LAURA:  Are you seriously taking a picture of me right now?

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