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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trinity Brewing in Colorado Springs

My Lithuanian Fry Spy JoDonn recently sent in this review by nuclear carrier pigeon:

While visiting the Denver area I found a place called Trinity Brewing kinda out of the way in Colorado Springs. The bar keep described the place as a "hippie craft beer bar" (whatever that means). I sat at the bar and ordered their sampler of beer. 

40 ozs of exceptional craft beer for $12 is not bad. 
Gibby's note:  What the hell are the sugar cubes for?

While I was waiting for my flight of craft brew I found an item on the menu I just couldn't ignore -Golden Belgian Fritas! 

For $5 I got a fancy "cone" of twice-fried "Authentic Belgian Fries". I'm not really sure what makes them Belgian though. Do they grow russets in Belgium? I also had the spicy mustard sauce, very good, and the house ranch, Meh. For being fried twice they really weren't that crispy. They were just ok. 7 out of 10. The beer on the other hand was very good and I was feeling very gokdoaosdijfaoidjfa290348 rf0jmw0j.  Pickels!

I think JoDonn was sloshed at this point.  Stupid Lithuanians!

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  1. They're cubes of cheese to cleanse your palate between beers. C'mon Man!


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