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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Taste

Googled restaurants in NWA recently and this one came up.  "The Taste"?  Seriously weird name, but they have fries....

It's been open a little over a year in a space in that plaza thingy at the corner of Crossover and 265 that used to be a Wing Stop.  I would describe the decor as "Club C2 meets a garage".  Wait....never mind (inside joke).  Hey!  There's Ed and Jack!

Two bucks for hand-cut fries?  Let's get this party started!

Jack told me to give extra points cause the ketchup was refrigerated (cool, but the bottle was for ants).  Phone banana for scale.

Oh.  Ma'am?  I think you gave me the child's portion.

Ma'am?  There's a WHOLE LOT of extra space on my plate...


With the exception of the fact that there must be a potato shortage on the East side of town, the fries are really good.  Crisp, natural, hot, fresh, perfectly seasoned, and tasty.

A closer look:

This is one of those times I'm conflicted.  The fries are really good.  And $2 would be a great price for these if the amount were increased by even 25%.  Alas, this is what I was served.  So.....7 out of 10.

Ed said his burger was real good...

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  1. Never heard of the place. And the burger does indeed look good.


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