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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cap'n Jack's

This place has two apostrophes in it's name so right off the bat you know it has to be good.  Amy and I sneaked away from a recent family gathering for a little bit to have some lobster and calm our giblets.  Cap'n Jack's was close, so it got picked.

It's located on a wetlands behind East Matunuck State Beach in Rhode Island, so it's pretty (in the summertime).  The back deck view is lovely.

Fries weren't a featured item on the menu (only a side), but I got the waiter to bring me an order anyway by ordering a lobster.  Seemed like a fair deal to me.

Lightly battered, crispy, hot, and fresh (out of a bag).

Pretty good.  $3.50 was kinda steep, but it was nothing compared to the $24 for the lobster (which is pretty good considering).

 I pondered the plight of the plover whilst chomping wistfully upon said solanum tuberosum.

Amy wondered if she should order another beer while hers was still half full (she did).

The baked stuffed lobster was phenomenal.  Kinda looks like a facehugger from Alien, though.

The menu said that the lobster came with "vegetable of the day and potato".  This is exactly what came to the table.  Why do they even bother?

Cap'n Jack's is okay by me.  The fries are an 8 out of 10, but the place is a 10.

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