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Monday, May 29, 2017

Fado (again) - Austin, TX

I have visited Fado many times in the past.  Way longer than I have been "into" french fries.  Two things I learned on my most recent visit are that 1) there are many Fado pubs, and 2) one of them is in Abu Dhabi- where you have to own a personal liquor license to legally drink.  Seems like a problem for an Irish-themed pub.

Anyhoo, my buddy Jack was whining and complaining at me for like 2 solid hours about how hungry he was and how all he wanted was some tasty fries and could we please stop working for like 5 seconds and have some quick fries so I was finally all like "okay!  enough!  He is such a child sometimes.

Fado is so Irish.

We got the regular AND skillet fries (chips) on accounta we had just eaten lunch like 30 minutes prior.

I didn't remember that the regular fries came with all these fancy dipping sauces.  One was ketchup, but I think it was Irish ketchup cause it tasted boggy.  The other two were "Marie Rose" (never heard of her), and Guinness aioli.  Good, but too rich for my blood.

The skillet fries were legit.

A serious undertaking, especially in the middle of the day.

These are the kind of fries you have at the end of night, and go directly to sleepy time.  Incredible.

Jack finally shut up for a few seconds.

The price is kinda steep for em, but they are definitely worth it.  DO IT (again).

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