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Thursday, June 22, 2017

French Fry Health Issues is Fake News

Over the last couple of weeks a bunch of people are sharing this silly "story" about how fries are bad for you.  HERE's just one example.  The stories are all referencing this study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  

I'm here to tell you it's all a load of crap.

First of all, you can Google the dubious affiliations and paid-for "studies" that the AJCN has conducted over the years.  Also take a look at their editorial board - more than half of them have borderline conflict of interest corporate affiliations.

But we don't even have to get to how trustworthy the AJCN is at all.  We just have to read the study. Right of the bat, we notice that the study included consumption of fried AND UNFRIED POTATOES.  There is no information about how whether the fact that they were fried or not changed mortality (except when referencing a shadowy "subgroup").

Also, the participants in the study were all aged 45-79.  WHA?  How do we know what they were eating/snorting/drinking for the previous 45 years.  So stupid.

This dumb story and it's source study are fake news.  Move along, and enjoy your fries, dear readers.

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