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Monday, May 30, 2011

Grunion and Z Duped Again

This past weekend, we surprised the Grunion and Z with a new toy (thanks to my friend Laura).

GRUNION:  Whoa!  Check this out Z! 
Z: Sweet!  Our own wheels!  It's about time!

Z:  This thing's got everything!  Look, a radio!

GRUNION:  And a cell phone!
Z:  Hello?  AAA?  Can I get a juice box up in this ride?

Z:  Coolness.  We should roll to Vegas, man!
GRUNION:  What's a Vegas?

Z:  We could cruise the beach, pick up some chicks...
GRUNION:  What for?
Z:  I dunno.

Z:  What a minute.  Why are the diaper changers all excited?  I haven't seen them this excited since.........Halloween!

Z:  Wait!  This is a Barbie Jeep, dude!  This is for girls!

Z:  It's a trap!  Abort!  Abort!  Get me outta here!

Editor's note: Muuuhuuuuhahahahaha.  We'll be seeing these pix again in about 15 years....

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