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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Grunion's 2nd Birthday

Hard to believe we've been able to keep the Grunion alive for 2 years. I think the original point of birthday parties for kids under like 5 years old was so that other adults could give the parents of the birthday kid acknowledgement for not forgetting to feed the kid.  And I have no illusions about the fact that Amy is the one who has kept the Grunion so healthy and happy (I forgot to feed him dinner as recently as this week).  That's probably why athletes always say "Hi Mom" to the camera after they score-they have this innate knowledge that their Mom is who kept them alive all those years.

Anyhoo, we had a small get together for the Grunion.  All the usual suspects were there. Since the Grunion now worships Thomas the Tank Engine, the decor was appropriately so.

The Grunion CLEANED UP in the gift department.  He got stuff from MeMaw and PaPaw, Aunties Sissy, Patty, and Donna, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tom, Auntie Kathryn and Uncle Brad, Mark and Cindy, Cousin Lisa and Chachie, and the Bandit.  Z even got caught up in the moment and viciously attacked some of the presents.

All told, the Grunion got somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,592 presents.  Shocking.  Back when I was his age, I got a twig tied with a string to the leg of a Luke Skywalker action figure.  Kids these days have it so easy.  The Grunion is lucky to have such a wonderful family.

By the way, I'd like to note the difference between a one year old and a two year old's approach to cake.  Two year old:

One year old:

Oh, and some of you may remember the Barbie jeep the Grunion inherited from Laura J:

About a month ago, we noticed the Barbie jeep was missing from the garage.  When we asked Chachie about it, he said "I'm doing some experiments on it"  and added ominously (think mob guy) "don't worry about it."  We decided not to worry about it since Chachie knows how to work power tools without hurting himself.

Anyway, yesterday Chachie pulls up with the Barbie jeep in the back of his truck TRANSFORMED INTO A SUPER-COOL RAZORBACK JEEP.

I know what you're thinking.  "Gibby, that jeep is okay, but does it go TWICE AS FAST as it did before Chachie souped it up?"

Yes it does.

You're also probably thinking "yeah but does it now have functional headlights, taillights, AND FLOODLIGHTS?"

Yes it does.

And of course it goes without saying that each of the lights should be controlled with a separate switch on the dashboard THAT LIGHTS UP AS WELL.

You see my friends, Chachie is like the Honey Badger when it comes to "projects".  He doesn't care about limits like stupid electrical problems or how hard it is to paint plastic or how hard it is to find a Razorback license plate that fits a Barbie jeep.  He just gets it done (and I'm pretty sure he bites inanimate objects too).  As Chachie's brother once told me, "that Chachie is as handy as a pocket on a shirt."  Indeed.  As handy as a pocket on a shirt.  And twice as bad ass.

GRUNION:  Yo Z!  This thing kicks!  Jump in and let's blow this chicken coop!

Z:  Punch it!

Z:  Head for the street!  Follow Jenkins, he knows the way!

PARENTS:  Come back here!
GRUNION and Z:  Muhuhahaha!  See ya, suckers!

GRUNION:  We'll never forget you Jenkins!
JENKINS:  Whatever.

Z:  Grunion?


Z:  Will we really make it to Yo Gabba Gabba Land?
GRUNION:  I don't know, Z.  But we're sure gonna try.  We're sure gonna try.

Editor's Notes:   
1.  Cousin Lisa gets the assist as a technical advisor on the Razorback jeep.
2. Chachie apologized that he wasn't able to create an ignition system with an actual key and that the horn that plays the Razorback fight song "wasn't ready yet."
3.  The Grunion and Z were last spotted on the 540 South on ramp.

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