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Monday, June 16, 2014


Let me start by acknowledging that the International House of Pancakes may indeed be a place that one might expect the strongest offering to be pancakes.  One might possibly even expect that the "international" ones would be the best.  Now that we have that covered, I must inform you that they also have fries.

If you haven't ever seen the inside of an IHOP, I already know a great deal about what you have and have not been doing with your life (#drunkcollegekids).  Oddly,  the great wheel of life kind of spins you back around to the IHOP when you have critters cause they have a propensity to demand cake for breakfast.  Anyhoo, you've seen one IHOP, you've seen em all.

Fries weren't actually on the menu as a "side", but I noticed the burgers came with them so I knew it was possible.  This is what was delivered.  Lame.

19 fries with some trickery dust dumped on them unevenly.

The trickery dust was the only thing that made them kind of decent, but as you can probably tell from the pictures only 3 or 4 of them had a decent amount of dust.

Since they weren't on the menu, I didn't know how much they cost until I got the check.  AND THEN I WAS OUTRAGED.  $3.59 for this lame plate of crap is the worst thing ever.  I was so mad my hands were shaking when I was trying to take the picture.

IHOP = DON'T DO IT.  Unless you're a 22-year old drunk and/or hung over college student and you haven't learned anything yet.

GRUNION:  Bummer dude, you shoulda ordered the "double-double-chocolate chip-espresso-mocha-milkshake-powdered sugar-whipped cream pancake bomb-diggity-breakfast #9 like I did.

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