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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Neal's Cafe - Springdale AR

Every decent size town has one or two joints like Neal's Cafe.  Moderately priced homestyle plate lunches served in a time capsule complete with sassy waitresses.

Check out their cool Route 66 era sign.

This place has been slinging it since 1944, and I think the decor may be original.

Note that in Arkansas, it's customary to have guns hanging on the walls at a minimum ratio of one gun per table.  Neal's has 23 (visible) assorted guns on the walls, which doesn't actually meet the requirement.  Maybe there are reserve guns in the back or something.

But they also have this dead alligator so I guess they get a pass.

Fries are listed two places on the menu.  Once as an "extra" for  $2.49...

And AS A VEGGIE!  Sweet!  Now I can lose weight!

When I asked for an order of fries, the sassy waitress said I wouldn't need them if I was also getting them as a side with a meal on accounta the sides being so big, but I told her I was from Rhode Island (therefore a "yankee") and didn't understand.  From then on she treated me like I was impaired.  This was delivered:

I believe they're Ore-Ida Thick Crinkles (#OIF00993A) or possibly McCain Thick Crinkles (#MCX60).  They were hot, crispy, and boring.

My buddy Jack wanted me to give extra points cause the ketchup was chilled, but I will not.

You can't beat the atmosphere at a place like this.  There are people in suits sitting next to farmers in overalls with muddy boots.  Any given day the governor or a senator might be sitting at the next table (which seems weird with all those guns around).  All in all, the fries are kinda meh, especially for $2.49.  But the amount you get and the fact that Neal's is so awesome make up for it to the tune of a 6 out of 10.

P.S. Their pie is EPIC.

P.P.S  I was bored so I made a cornbread muffin french fry sandwich.

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