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Friday, June 13, 2014

Some Weird Joint in Arkansas

I went to this weird restaurant recently.  It looked like a house on the outside.

The dining area kinda looked like a living room.

When I ordered fries the waitress/cook/hostess/bartender/busboy/dishwasher/manager/owner/parking attendant gave me a weird look-like I was putting her out or something.  Anyhoo, I had to stand IN THE KITCHEN AT THE STOVE and eat the fries right there like an employee or something!  These new super-trendy hipster restaurants are so weird!

They were your standard Ore-Ida 1/2" Crinkles.  Cooked pretty well.  Nice and crisp.  But they were totally like some fries that you might make in your house in your own oven.

Overall, they were pretty good.  The only problem is that I never got a ticket to pay, so I just kinda didn't pay.  Without knowing how much they charge I can't really give a fair review, so I'll just say that they are totally worth checking out.

P.S.  My wife informed me later that this was indeed someone's home, and that I am not allowed to drink cough syrup with beer anymore.

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