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Monday, August 25, 2014

East Matunuck State Beach

I've been going to Matunuck, RI since I was a little kid. They recently built this fancy new pavilion with a huge snack bar, so I hopped a flight to RI to check out the fries (I got mad funds, yo).

As far as beach pavilions go, I think this one if pretty good.  It's huge and has all the stuff a beach pavilion is supposed to have (I guess).

Nice view.

And fries.  As always, you have to consider the location/situation price-wise, so $3.75 doesn't seem so bad.

This is what $3.75 got me.

It took forever cause they cooked em right then so they were hot, but not totally crispy.

Good amount, but lacked much taste.  6 out of 10.

On the way to the pavilion, the Grunion got in HUGE TROUBLE for freaking out for no reason and running away 150 yards down the beach.  I actually had to run to catch him.  So I told him he would not be getting ice cream at the pavilion.  He was sad.

Very sad.

So sad it broke my heart so I gave him ice cream anyway.  Don't tell his mom.

And then he was happy.  Did I get scammed?

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