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Monday, August 18, 2014

Airport Fries - A Tale of Two Frittes

I don't fly much (but boy when I do my arms sure get tired - you're welcome Beez), so when we had to spend a bunch of time in airports last week I realized that the whole airport fry scene is seriously under-reported.

Our first 3-hour sit down was in Atlanta courtesy of Delta Airlines' trickery with respect to what the pilot called a "minor anomaly" with the plane.  Heh.  We chose Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint cause it was close to (what later turn out not to be) our next departure gate.

I think everyone expects to pay a bunch for stuff at airports, but $5.00 still seemed a bit high for fries.  But then again, they are "steak fries".

Steak fries delivered.

They were hot and fat.

The Grunion wolfed them down while he checked his stocks.

He gave them a "sideways" thumb and then released a thunderous burp that got him in trouble with his mom.  I guess that means they rate about a 6 out of 10.

Our next 3-hour sit down was courtesy of me being paranoid about getting to the airport in time on accounta we had to return a rental car and go through security and all that.  Turns out that the Hartford, CT airport is pretty fast with that stuff so we chose Locks Landing (the only non-chain joint).

Steak fries again?  Is this an airport thing?  And why is Hartsford $1.25 cheaper than Atlanta?

Whoa!  Look at that photo on the table tent!  Those look fabulous what with the greenery and all!  Fancy!

Steak fries delivered.

I thought they were cooked in one of those hot air tornado ovens cause they were really crispy and had no oil taste, but the waitress said they were in fact deep fried.

The Grunion was super busy with a lego airplane, but he gave them a thumbs up.

The clear winner is Hartford.  8 out of 10.

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