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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mews Tavern - Wakefield RI

Mews Tavern (aka "The Mews") has been around since 1947 when it started out as a bar for fishermen.  It's kinda become a hybrid old person early/college kid late kinda joint now, and they have fries.

It's been built onto so many times it has a Swiss Family Robinson kinda feel to it, with lots of different levels and rooms.  If you've ever been to the Rainbow in L.A. you know what it's like.

The menu is crazy.  They have everything.  Fries?
GIBBY:  We'll have a basket of the regular, a basket of the Rosemary-Parmesan, and-
WAITRESS:  Whoa...sir...*condescending chuckle...the baskets here are like, really big and they'll feed like 4 or 5 people so...
GIBBY:  *long pause....*stern look...We'll have a basket of the Regular, a basket of the Rosemary-Parmesan, and a basket of the Curly Fries.
GRUNION:  And a grilled cheese sandwich WITH FRIES!

The "regulars".  Pretty tame.  Couldn't tell what brand they were, but they were the faux-skin-on frozen baggers.  Not too bad, not too good.

The curly fries were curly and fried.  Better than average, but not by much.

Uncle Ducky was perplexed by their spurious nature because apparently he has never had them before.
UNCLE DUCKY:  What are these?  Onion rings or fries?  Trickery!

The Grunion rejected the curly fries as well.

The Rosemary Paremesan fries are a joke.  And by "joke" I mean a terrible travesty.  They are just the regular fries with some lame shaker tube Parmesan cheese mixed with a microscopic amount of rosemary dumped on them.  Boo.

Overall, the fries at the Mews are meh.
  Regular: 6 out of 10
  Curly Fries: 6 out of 10
  R/P Fries: 2 out of 10 for trickery

But they get extra points for the cool "got beer/need beer" signs that the wait staff see like a hawk when you are running low.   Go to the Mews if you get the chance, but just get one basket of the regular fries.

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