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Friday, November 8, 2013

Jerry's Tiki Bar and Grill

Tiki bars are cool. And if you don't think they're cool there's something wrong with you.  This joint in (basically) Daytona Beach is an Italian Pizzeria with a tiki bar out back.  Kinda schizophrenic, but it seems to be working for Jerry.  Sorry about this pic but it was dark.

We were only gonna have a few drinks and listen to the band but I noticed they had fries   I wasn't expecting much, but I took a chance.  Check out the firepit!

When the fries came I was impressed.  A full plate of fries for $2.50 at the most touristy of tourist tiki bars!

Seasoned perfectly.

Crisp and hot.

Excellent.  9 out of 10.  I felt so triumphant I declared myself the fry king of the open seas.

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