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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Caribbean Jack's - Ormond Beach, FL

My first question: Is this Jack person REALLY Caribbean?  Question two:  what's the criteria?   The real Jack that this place is named for was apparently a famous rum runner during prohibition, but that hardly qualifies him for citizenship with a Caribbean nation, now does it?

Is this the turtle that Jack used to run rum?

At CB's you can sit in these weird rocking back and forth swing things that are supposed to simulate the nausea you get from a rough sea.  Perfect for eating.

This place is a serious tourist schmaltz-fest.  The (bad) band was playing all the rotten "beach" songs, the prices were sky-high, the staff was Applebees-meets-Chili's-meets-Bennigan's (is that still a place?), and the customers were all REALLY ugly American types. I was ready to totally write the place off, but then this happened:
Editor's note: The pina colada in this photo was not Gibby's.  Gibby was just holding it for someone else.

Totally unexpected!  We call these "Arkies" where we live, but I think they could be classified as potato wedges everywhere else.

Crisp and hot.

And fluffy on the inside.

$2.99 is fair for this kind of joint I think.

Atmosphere/schmaltz factor: 0 out of 10.
Fries: 8 out of 10.

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