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Friday, April 25, 2014

DJ's Deck - Daytona Beach, FL

We tried to get into one of our favorite restaurants recently but this was the line to get in.

We said forget it and remembered that DJ's was 50 yards away.  Can we get in?

Wow.  This place needs some advertising.

Tiki-style thing going on outside, but it was kinda rainy so we sat at the bar.

Whoa!  Bar stools from the 60s/70s!

Still not a bad view.

Got fries?  Yuppers.

Very nice.

Better than I expected.  Lightly battered, and extra-hot from the fryer for $1.99.

Eating them there in the marina reminded me of my days as a Gloucesterman, fighting the frigid temperatures of the ruthless Atlantic ocean.  Battling with the ravages of nature in an age-old struggle to reap the sea's bounty for profitable gain.  Arrrgh.   The things these old eyes have seen upon the waves....

The seafood was also extra good cause the boats bring the stuff straight in and sell it to the seafood store that's part of DJ's.  I actually saw the cooks going over to the store to get stuff periodically.  We had some blackened scallops.  They were tasty.

8.5 out of 10

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