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Friday, July 25, 2014

JJ's on the Lake

JJ's has a bunch of locations around the state, and the one on Beaver Lake is kinda new.  Since we were on the lake last weekend, I asked Captain Chachi if he would swing us by to check it out.  It's in this big marina thing.

I had been in the sun for a few hours at this point, and as everybody who has taken 7th grade biology knows, vitamin D overload produces hormones that compel the body to seek fried potatoes.

The place is actually floating, but since you're not supposed to make big waves with your vroom vroom boats around the marina the thing barely moves.  Probably better for eating anyway (seasickness).  It looked cozy.

Let's see...let's do the hand cut fries, homemade tater chips....

And even though I don't normally do this...the cheeze(sic) fries!  The vitamin D made me do it!  Also, it was REALLY HARD not to order the Buffalo Chicken Cheeze(sic) Balls.

The hand cut fries. 

I think they were $1.99.  Fairly good amount. They were good.

The cheeze(sic) fries were pretty epic (even with the $7.29 price tag).

The Grunion approved of the fries and chips, but shunned the cheeze(sic) fries.

Everything was going great until JD realized that they have Ozark Beer Company's Pale Ale in cans AND THEN HE WENT CRAZY on them.  He even built a beer can pyramid on the table like a high school kid.  We were sooooo embarrassed.

AMY:  OMG!  That beer can pyramid is sooo tacky.
GIBBY:  Wait.  What's that you're drinking?
AMY:  Nothing.  No pictures!

All things considered, JJ's on the lake is totally worth a visit.  And make sure you have some OBC APAs while you are there!

I spent the rest of the cruise contemplating my time in the ranks of the merchant marine, riding abeam midship on the mighty waterous plain.

Until the Grunion started screaming that we needed to abandon ship in a lame attempt to trick us into going swimming again.

His plan totally worked cause he's a cute 4-year old.

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