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Monday, July 28, 2014

Puzzle Tots

Hold on to your booties, folks, cause this one is a doozy!  Last week I saw a picture of these "puzzle potatoes" on the web and I thought two things:
1) Why couldn't they get the Tetris people on board?
2) How fast can I find/eat some?

Still waiting on word from the Tetris camp, but thanks to David from The Rail I got hooked up on Friday!

Ah yes...delicious "Papas Rompecabezas"!  Right now they're only available from foodservice giant Monarch, so I am "stuck" with 30 pounds of them.  hee hee.

Another question:  Why only the 3 shapes?  They're missing the block and the long one (the one that always saved your butt).  Maybe tot physics don't allow for blocks and long ones, but they were able to make the "L" one?  Strange.

I bet everyone does this first.

These things are meant to be deep fried, but I was lazy and decided to use the oven instead.  But as an expert fried potato consultantist (new made up word), I know you can't really cook them all bunched up like that on accounta the heat not getting to the sides, etc.  This is how you actually cook them.

20 minutes later.

They are the best thing ever.  I don't know if it's because they're flat that they get super-crunchy or what, but they are AWESOME even from the oven.  I can't wait to deep fry some.

The Grunion was on hand (cause Puckett says he needs to be in every post) to give his thoughts.
GRUNION:  Tasty.  Righteous.  Crunchablicious (he's making up words now too).

In fact, the Grunion stole nearly all of the first batch and ran off with them.

JD was also on hand (cause JD says he needs to be in every post) to offer his thoughts.
JD:  Delicious-even without any salt or anything.  Totally Crunchablicious.
GIBBY:  Where did you hear that word?
JD:  Wikipedia.

These things are a 10 out of 10.  Start lobbying your local restaurant to start carrying them immediately.  And by the way, The Rail has the best wings EVAR!

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