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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chachie Vs. The Beez

The Beez: Chachie, your hair makes you look like one of the bad guys in an 80s teen ski movie.

Chachie: Very funny Corey.  How about I shut you up by making blueberry beer from scratch?  

The Beez: You're on, brewmaster!  How you gonna make that happen?

Chachie: All I need is any old regular beer and some blueberry pancake syrup.

The Beez: This is going to be great.
Chachie: I just add some blueberry syrup to the glass...

The Beez: Right.
Chachie: And then fill the rest of the glass up with beer...

Chachie: And voila!  Blueberry beer that tastes, well..
Chachie: Urp.
Victory: The Beez

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