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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The New Burger King of Fayetteville

Those of you who have traveled on interstate 40 between Little Rock and Ft.Smith probably have heard of Feltner's Whatta-burger in Russelville, AR (not to be confused with the Whataburger chain).  Open since 1967, the Whatta-burger in Russelville has been consistently cranking out awesome burgers for anyone lucky enough to be told to stop there (including yours truly).  I have probably eaten at least 50 burgers from Whatta-burger in my time, and they have all been awesome.

Going forward, the Whatta-burger in Russelville will be referred to (by me anyway) as Whatta-burger east, cause some of Bob Feltner's kin have opened a burger joint here in Fayetteville (fanfare and cheers).

Even though she knows that I HATE eating burgers and fries, my wife MADE me go to Feltner's on Saturday night.  It's located at 509 West Spring Street (the building past the south end of the Walton Arts Center parking lot).  I will do a proper review of all the local burger joints in a later article, but you should know now that the Feltner Brothers burger has narrowly edged out the Art's Place special to be the new undisputed king of burgers in Fayetteville proper.  Period.

First, the few negative aspects.  The place is not big enough (6 tables) to accommodate what will surely be large crowds in the future, and since the kitchen is open to the rest of the place the air conditioning can't quite keep up at the moment (but they are working on it).  That's about it for negatives.

On the positive side:

--The Feltner boys are uber-friendly (and not so bad on the eyes either ladies).

--The beers were icy cold.  Wait a minute.  Maybe that's why the place was a little hot...

--Burgers are $3.50.  Shall I repeat that? They have a bunch of other stuff on the menu, but you know I only care about the burgers, fries, and beer.  Honestly though, if someone around me ordered chicken strips or a salad at Feltner's I would remove the burger patty from my bun and smack them in the face with it until their eyes were swollen.

--Each burger is cooked fresh when you order it.  For $3.50.  Did I already mention that?

--An order of fries that is enough for 2 (normal sized) people is only $2.00.  By the way, the fries are an overall 9 for deliciousness.

I ordered the double with cheese and attacked it like it had insulted my heritage.

7 blissful bites (and roughly 38 fries later) I demanded that the same be brought AGAIN for a second assessment.  Yes, my friends,  another double with cheese and another order of fries for me.  It was that good (and I am so healthy).
You'll notice that at this point I was wearing a headband to catch the profuse beef-sweat that was pouring off my forehead.

Amy was embarrassed, but was supported throughout the ordeal by her friends at the Blue Moon brewery.

By the way, in the interest of being healthier I almost ordered the second double with sport peppers, but I have no idea what they are and I imagined that they might smell like sweaty socks, so I didn't.

Feltner Brothers.  Do it quick before it starts getting too packed to get in.  And tell them I sent you.

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  1. The Chicago Dog is almost as good as the burger. But order two, Kyle. One's not enough for you or me.


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