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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Magical Power of the JennyBurger

This past weekend, a three-person crew with hidden cameras surgically embedded in their nostrils captured the magical power and mystery of the JennyBurger on film for the first time ever.

Here we see (via the nostil-cam) the ingredients used.  Clearly there is some kind of meat, fairy dust, nitro-glycerin, and a yellow radioactive substance.

A close call!  One of the JennyBurger guards almost discovered the nostril cam!

Using titanium alloy gloves, the high priestess carefully mixes the components to activate the necessary fusion.

Ingredient decoys like this one were placed all around to confuse interlopers.

The resulting patties were placed in this nuclear device.

It was at this time that the JennyBurgers realized they were being photographed and summoned a violent storm.  From a previously clear blue sky, ominous and angry clouds descended upon the location.

Notice that the clouds were concentrated on the location-not over anything else.

After a short time, the high priestess presented the completed JennyBurgers.  Pure seduction!

This unwitting tourist from Chicago was overwhelmed by the JennyBurger's wiles and fell victim to its power.

Sadly, she could not be saved.  The JennyBurger takes all.


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