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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Grunion vs. Gibby

Grunion: Hey dad, you may want to check my diaper.

Gibby: (off camera): Why?
Grunion: Cause I made a present for you.

Gibby: Is it gross?
Grunion: Maybe....

Gibby: Okay, let's just see what we have here.

Gibby:  Whoa!  That's nasty!

Grunion: Muhuhahahaha!
Gibby::  Oh man, I got some on my finger!  Aww, there's poo under my fingernail!  I hope I don't scratch my eye at some point and give myself a baby poo eye infection....

36 hours later:

Off to see Dr. Bill....

Gibby: Hey Annie, I got baby poo in my eye and now my eye-
Annie:  That's gross.  I don't want to see it.  Get away.

Gibby: What about you Noah?  Wanna see my baby poo eye?
Noah:  (Dog language) Woof.  That's nasty.  Got any dirty diapers on you?

Gibby: Hey Judy, I got-
Judy:  I heard.  Get away

Dr. Bill:  This is what we call a classic case of Bardus Novus Abbas.  Now I will stick a needle in your eye.

Victory: Grunion

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  1. I've got some $85 drops that will clear that sucker up.


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