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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Observations

Just some things for you to ponder today....

For those of you without children, this is a Bumbo seat.  It is designed to immobilize your baby while you feed it or perform some other activity that requires longer than 5 seconds. 

I am wondering if anyone else with children has experienced this embarrassing situation:

Perhaps the grunion is getting too big in the butt for the Bumbo.

Here is a sign we saw in a window in Branson that once and for all clearly explains what your face is (click on the pic to see the fine print):

I bought some flea/tick shampoo yesterday.  For Dogs AND CATS?  Ever try to wash a cat?

Lighting a match after you poo kills the smell instantly, yet there are thousands of candles that are supposed to mask the smell but don't.  This is 2010.  Why hasn't there been a candle invented that smells like matches?

Is it too early to start marketing the grunion's eventual backlash album against his being typecast as a pop star?

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