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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gibby's French Fries

A new fry spy up North (not Nelson B.) has sent a report in about...wait for it......Gibby's French Fries!  Apparently there is a carny trailer that cruises around Michigan serving up what my new fry spy says is dope fries.  Check out his report:

Like you I'm usually not be a big fan of the fresh cut french fries.  However, Gibby's is one major exception to that rule!  Although fresh cut, their fries have a nice crunch and great real potato flavor.  The other nice thing about Gibby's french fries is that they are always fresh and super hot (almost dangerously sometimes).  This is because there is always a line in front of Gibby's so the fries go straight from the fryer to your container.  In fact, the freshness of the fries coupled with the speed at which they get eaten makes me realize that I don't think I've ever had a non scorching-hot fry from Gibby's!  Finally, the last good thing about Gibby's is the quantity.  A small container is much more than an extra large from most fast food restaurants (I know the picture doesn't show this as I forgot to take one until at least halfway in- what can I say, I was excited!).  Basically when you get fries from Gibby's you may leave wanting more, but it definitely isn't because you're still hungry!

I believe you can get Gibby's fries with cheese, chili and maybe gravy, but I know little of these things as to me there is only one way to eat them:  drenched in vinegar with copious quantities of salt dumped on top.  Healthy?  Probably not.  Delicious?  Absolutely!

I am tempted to give Gibby's fries a perfect rating, but when you give a "10" to something you're saying that there is no possible way that it could be any better.  While I love Gibby's fries and can't see any room for improvement, I'm not willing to go quite that far.  Who knows what the future of frydom holds?  (9.5/10)


  1. I've bought a lot of Gibby's Frys in the '60s. They traveld w/ HAPPYLAND Carnivals & the flavor still haunts me.
    They have a secret cooking sequence that is perfect.

  2. They're up at our county fair as I type. They're my "boys."
    I work the entrance gate and tell everyone I can to get their fries from Gibby's and no one else.


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