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Monday, July 5, 2010

101 Bun Salute/101 Hot Dogs Vs. Chachie

Ah, the 4th of July.  The day Americans celebrate our declared independence from tyranny.  Actually, if you think about it we just told the landlord that now we owned the building and we weren't paying rent any more (and they came for the rent in the form of about 6 years of war).  Anyway, I always thought the best way to celebrate was by honoring our country with the 101 bun salute!   An added bonus is that you get to feel really queasy afterward!  Start with 101 hot dogs.


And 101 buns.

Cook em on a grill.

And then instruct your friends and family to eat all the hot dogs.  If anyone says they don't want to eat some hot dogs, question their loyalty and/or love for America.  By the way, 100+ hot dogs and buns costs like 30 bucks.  Why don't we just eat hot dogs every day? 

Make a chart so that you can keep track of who does (and more importantly, who doesn't) love their country.

Here is a picture of the Beez playing a MANLY GAME OF BADMINTON with the Bandit.  Seriously.

About 1/2 way there...

Some (smart) people only ate like 2 hot dogs all day and were thus not queasy.

Rusty: Hey Grunion, look at my cool 4th of July shirt!


Fireworks have some funny names.

Ooooh.  Pretty!

Ahhhh!  Boomy!

Let's just check in on the hot dogs for a moment.  What the?  Hot dogs left?  UN-AMERICAN!

Chachie!  Come in here and eat some more hot dogs!
That's better.

Chachie ate 16 hot dogs.  AND drank like 16 beers.
Victory: Chachie

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