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Monday, July 26, 2010

Chicago Trip: Part Two

So our story continues when Andy and Shannon returned home.  After a formal tour of the condo (we had pre-snooped the entire place before this but we humored them) we set out for a pizza joint that Andy said was the bomb (do people still say that?).

I'm sure you've  had pizza cooked in a pizza oven.  And you may have had wood fire or even grilled pizza.  But have you ever had COAL FIRED PIZZA?  This place cooked the pizza in an oven heated by coal.  Amy, the Bandit, and I thought for sure that the pizza would taste like black lung....

As soon as we sat down, Shannon immediately began to bring back headbands.

Andy brought back headbands as well.

KYLE: Why is this big empty can on  the table?  Are they for trash?

ANDY: That's what they put the pizzas on.
KYLE:  I knew that.  I was just checking to see if you knew.

Andy suggested I try this strange beer called Two Hearted Ale.  It had a fish on the label.  WTF?  What does that have to do with hearts?  People in Chicago are so weird.  It was pretty good nonetheless.

This is the pizza that I "split" with Andy (he doesn't know how much/fast I eat yet).  This particular pizza had just been named the #3 or #4 best pizza in Chicago by some magazine.  It was really good, but it would have been really really good if it had some french fries on it. 

Here is a picture of the Bandit taking my picture eating the pizza.

Here is the picture Bandit took of me eating the pizza.  I was bringing back headbands NON-STOP!  Notice the coalfire in my eyes?

After the pizza Andy drove us around downtown but we could hardly go anywhere cause they were filming Transformers 3 and they had a bunch of downtown closed off.  On a Saturday night.  During the summer.  They must have had to pay the city of Chicago like five thousand bucks or something.

After the drive, we went to a place close to the condo where Andy introduced us to a beer that would become our nemesis......Gumballhead.

This beer is AWESOME.  It is made by the 3 Floyds brewery in Munster, IN (close to Chicago) and judging by their WEBSITE they are a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons nerds.  Cool?  This beer will come into play later in our story.

We were tired (and tipsy) at this point, and since we had done our job of bringing headbands back so well we decided to call it a night.  Back at the condo, we all had a diet squirt nightcap cause Andy had like 100 of them in the fridge.


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