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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two Artsy-Fartsy Blue Summer Beers

If you're like me, you constantly assess how appropriate the beer you are currently drinking is.  Factors such as time of day, current season, weather conditions/outside temperature, hair style, etc. all contribute to what you should be drinking beer-wise.  For example, since it is summer, during the day you should be drinking wheat beers and at night you should be drinking full-bodied (non-light) lagers. pilsners, and ambers.  I have no supporting reasoning/evidence for the previous statement.

Anyway, two great beers for daytime right now are Bluepaw Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale (made by the Sea Dog brewery in Maine), and Blue Star wheat (made by the North Coast brewery in Mendocino County, California).

Bluepaw is a light, crisp, refreshing wheat with the perfect blueberry finish.  Some other fruity beers go over the top with the flavoring and really ruin it, but Bluepaw gets it just right.  Incidentally, the Ozark Brewing Company on Dickson sells a blueberry beer as well called Fat Boy Blue.  The problem(s) with it are that since they don't filter it very well it is cloudy with yeast and it is also 12 DOLLARS plus tax PER GROWLER (64 ounces).  That's about $2.38 PER BEER.  Ouch.  Skip Fat Boy and go with Bluepaw.

Blue Star has more of a hoppy taste to it, but is still crisp.  Note that Blue Star has a higher alcohol content so you should be careful gulping them down arbitrarily.   

Blue Star is available a lot of places, but the only store I know of where you can find Bluepaw is at the new Macadoodle's in Springdale (big props to Sluggo and Jen for the discovery), and at Flying Saucer in LR.  And you guessed it: both of these beers are expensive-but what price would you put on propriety?

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