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Monday, July 26, 2010

Chicago Trip: Part Three

In the morning on day two, I awoke to a situation I had not encountered for many years.  It seems that while I slept, Shannon's cat Claire had POOPED IN MY MOUTH.  I forgave her when I saw that she too was bringing back headbands.

As it was Sunday, we felt that brunch was the order of the day.  And since it was only 96 degrees outside, Andy thought it was only logical that we walk several miles to the restaurant he had chosen.  So off we went, walking through Wicker Park.  Ah, there is indeed a park.

The place we were going was located several hours by foot in an area of town I can't remember so I will just refer to it as HEAT TOWN.  Andy told us lots of artists lived there, blah, blah, blah WHERE IS THIS RESTAURANT AND DOES IT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING?

We finally got to the place and got a table.  It was hot and LOUD.  For some reason everyone in the joint was screaming at the top of their lungs.  Strange.  I would have guessed that a brunch place in an artist section of town would be full of hung over people wanting quiet.  Anyhoo, this place had fancy mac and cheese (like apparently every restaurant in Chicago-what is their deal with mac and cheese?) so we decided to try it.  It was okay, but not great.

You know what is great though?  French Fries!  I ordered fries for breakfast. They were meh.  Five bucks and bland.  The only good thing was that they gave me a good amount.  Oh well, even bad fries are better than salad...

Amy ordered eggs benedict with sweet potato fries on the side (she rocks).  The sweet potato fries were better than the regular fries, but since I categorize sweet potatoes as a vegetable they can't be "great".

On the long walk back to the condo it was so hot that a zippo lighter someone dropped melted into the road.

After we re-showered and re-hydrated we decided to take a driving tour (with copius air conditioning) of Lakeshore Drive and the surrounding area.

We saw this guy wearing THE LONGEST SHOES EVER.  Look at the toe area!  Sweeeet.

After the drive we went to a Thai restaurant that was really good but I didn't take any pictures cause they didn't have french fries.  Since it was Sunday and Andy had to work the next day, he retired and Shannon, the Bandit, Amy, and I went to a neighborhood bar for "a few drinks" so the Bandit and Shannon could show off the hats they bought earlier in the day.  I also needed to continue bringing back headbands.

BANDIT: So, Shannon, what beers are good here?

SHANNON:  Remember the Gumballhead you tried last night?  They have it here.

BANDIT: Oh.  That was pretty good.  I'll try one of those.
KYLE: Me too!
AMY: Me too!


BANDIT:  Man, everything is getting kinda fuzzy in here.  I think Gumballhead is like Sneaky Pete.

AMY: Yeah.  I feel like there's a giant lampshade on my head....

KYLE:  Shannon!  How come you didn't tell us the Gumballhead was Sneaky Pete?  Notice I was still bringing back headbands.

BANDIT: My hat is really heavy.  Maybe I'll just......argulbufmmmpf....

The waitress brought the tab in this fancy check folder thingy that lit up so you could see the ticket.  The Bandit really wanted to sneak it into her purse "because she really needed it to see where she was going", but we distracted her by promising her pancakes at the condo and she left it behind.

When we got back to the condo we all fell into a deep, pleasant, sleep.


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