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Sunday, February 13, 2011

B & R's Old Fashioned Burgers in CA

So one of my fry-spies (definitely not JD) wants to redeem himself for recently reporting on a joint that didn't even have fries and has submitted the following report from the field.

Okay, after the severe left-over meatloaf beating I took for the last review I (not JD) decided to step it up and risk life and limb to provide a top-notch fry review.  While on assignment in Hawthorn, CA, I consulted for a comprehensive list of the best rated fries in the area (by the way, has never let me down).  B & R's Old Fashioned Hamburgers was listed as having awesome fries, so we ventured out.  A few of my co-workers were kinda hesitant cause it's located on Rosecrans Ave. (one block off Crenshaw Blvd) in a "sketchy" neighborhood.  I forged on.

I ordered the King Burger Basket with chili/cheese fries.

We also got regular fries.

My buddy Brent ordered the pastrami burger with a fried egg and a order of regular fries.  It was awesome.

The fries were amazing.   Thick cut and seasoned perfectly right out of the fryer. They even had extra seasoned salt if you needed it. The fries just got better with the addition of chili and cheese.  I'd give the whole experience a 10. Especially since we made it out alive.

Not JD, you have redeemed yourself.  Now go review the fry offerings at the Crenshaw Swap Meet.

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