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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Feet of SNOW!

Woke up to 22 inches (and counting) of snow.  Pretty shocking since the clueless local meteorologists predicted 3-5 inches.  One of them actually even said "I don't THINK it's going to be a significant event".  Genius.  

Two feet-perfect camouflage for A GIANT CARGO VAN.

Ditto for a CRV.

Two feet of snow on the roof.  I'm sure that's safe.  I can imagine the call now...
GIBBY:  Um, hello.  My roof collapsed from too much snow.
INSURANCE GUY ON PHONE:  In Arkansas?  Ha!  No such thing.  We're not paying.

GIBBY:  Hmmm.  I don't think you're gonna get to your Ikebana class today, Grunion.

GRUNION:  Forget that!  Let's package all this flake for distribution, man!   I'm gonna be like Tony Montana and rule the Miami underground!
Victory:  Snow
Epic Fail: Local meteorologists


  1. I didn't really stock up for this little weather disturbance so I may have to break out the double chocolate brownie cookies later---

  2. I'm losing my touch, the only chocolate in the house is instant cocoa. I wonder if I can turn it into a chocolate pie?


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