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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Grunion Meets Wonder Woman

During the big snow storm, we got a surprise visit from a superhero (not LJ). 

WW/LJ: Hiya!  I'm here to save you from the snow!

WW/LJ:  I'm Wonder Woman!  And I deflect bullets with my wristbands....

WW/LJ:  And get bad guys to tell the truth with my lasso of truth!

WW/LJ:  Come here, little boy!  I'm going to force you to tell the truth about who shaved a heart on the dog for valentine's day!
GRUNION:  Ahhhh!  Run away, puppy!  Run away!

GRUNION:  Hey puppy, where'd she go?

WW/LJ:  Hiya!  Here I am!  I flew back here from down the hall!

GRUNION:  Why do you keep saying "Hiya"?
WW/LJ:  What's with the questions?  How bout a big kiss?

GRUNION:  Dammit!  Do I have superhero lipstick on my face?

GRUNION:  So, um.... how's the superhero game treatin ya?
WW/LJ:  It's okay, but our union dues are goin up, and they're slashing our benefits-you know, same old crap.

GRUNION:  You ever think about goin solo?  You know, doing some consulting and such?
WW/LJ:  Yeah, but it's a big risk right now with the economy and everything.  Plus I'd lose my time in position for seniority and all the stock vesting just sucks.

GRUNION:  What about retirement?  Are you good to-
WW/LJ:  I don't even want to talk about it.  I should have started saving way earlier when I was with the superfriends, you know?

WW/LJ:  Man, these boots are killing me!
GRUNION:  Yeah, me too.
WW/LJ:  Huh?
GRUNION:  Nothing.

GRUNION:  Hey look!  There's a guy out there getting mugged!
WW/LJ:  Crap.  Did anyone see me?

GRUNION:  Yeah, the guy's wife sees you.
WW/LJ:  Dammit!  Well, guess I gotta go.

GRUNION:  I hope she diversifies her retirement accounts....

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  1. lol!this could only be normal at your house


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