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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grunion and Z Talk Taxes

GRUNION:  So...I guess this'll be your first tax season, huh? 
Z:  What are you talking about?
GRUNION:  Taxes, son!  You gotta pay to play!  Freedom ain't free!  Uncle Sam wants his cheddar!
Z:  You are a crazy person.  We don't have to pay taxes until we're...

GRUNION:  Lord, please forgive young Z for his indiscretions against your favorite country!  He knows not what he does!

GRUNION:  Here, have a nummy and settle down.

Z:  I don't need to settle down....wait.  Is there a giant picture of a pimple on the TV screen behind me?
Z:  Dammit!  Why does that always happen to me?

GRUNION:  Yeah, I'm prolly gonna have to file a 4868 so I can get my exemptions in order.
Z:  I'm not participating in this.

GRUNION:  Fine.  Be a tax dodger.  But you're gonna have to move to Canada until you get a pardon.

Z:  That's draft dodgers.

GRUNION:  Whatever.  Either way, we're gonna have to buy some cheese.

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